Sculptures of shadows and lights, effective beauty with shapes and colours… creating an image is a journey through the expressive power of design, an unexpected vision into the realities that makes the instant eternal and that transforms communication into true art.
If you need advertising photography, you have found a creative and reliable partner.

The Modo Fotografia team

United by one passion: professionals at your service – momentum, curiosity and enthusiasm of the youth combined with the founders’ experience of more than twenty years, in a blend of creativity and expertise.

Art Direction
  • Nadia Tanzi
  • Francesca Anselmi
  • Elisa Guidetti
  • Romina Sita
  • Fabia Picchioni
  • Cristiano Casolari
  • Gabriele Casolari
  • Giorgio Bonvicini
3D Rendering
  • Vincenzo Porciello
  • Riccardo Arletti
  • Lorenzo Troiano
  • Valerio Re
  • Nicola Laganà
  • Jacopo Toniello
Post production
  • Germano Bianconi
  • Angelo Caroleo
  • Rossana Diana
  • Veronica Luppi


A glimpse into Modo Fotografia’s structure, photo studios available for rent.
We have 1500 square meters of photo studios and related services: furniture, changing rooms, scenes, workshop.
We offer photo studio hirefor photography services and video shoots.

Dove siamo

With twenty years of activity and development under our belt and a future reinforced every day with a passion for research. We are based in the Emilia region of Italy, a land rich in tradition and famous industry. Contact us:
Modo Fotografia is the creative images lab of: MHP srl
via 25 Aprile n°9, loc. Ubersetto,
41042 Fiorano Modenese (MO) ITALY

tel. +39 0536 921157 – fax +39 0536 921156