Seated alone, discreet and silent, a delicate nature that is illuminated by a thousand sweet shades of pink. The softness of the colors breathes life to an enchantment, while the strings of light rotate like pearls along the wall.

Modo Fotografia Pubblicitaria Pink Lady 01

Seats in a row that create depth and movement, order and character. The delicacy finds expression through original details and touches of personality that bloom into a new kind of femininity.

Modo Fotografia Pubblicitaria Pink Lady 02

Splashes of color on a bed of paper. The softness of the forms combines with the random nature of the art, creating unexpected drawings reminiscent of the freedom of flight and absolute weightlessness.

Modo Fotografia Pubblicitaria Pink Lady 03

Lights and shadows in play with a reigning delicacy, peaceful and seemingly benevolent. Satisfied to be the princess of the room, she observes the fluid and feminine atmosphere, at her gaze smiling shyly and offering tenderness.


Styling – Romina Sita
Photo – Gabriele Casolari